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Dear Bob,


We would like to thank you, your wife, and son for all the extra effort you put in on this project. Without any doubt you went way beyond a normal business proposal. The last minute turn of events disappointed all of us, knowing well the positive aspects of what this licensing would do. This was definitely a very disappointing ending to a great deal of effort from all of us.


Thank you very much,

Tom M.

Steve E.

Ray J.

Bob & Ginny,


Just a quick note to tell you that I did enjoy the seminar and found it useful and informative. I have been to numerous seminars over the last 30 years as a legal secretary, from learning how to run computers (which I am still not good at) to being a better (if possible) more proficient secretary. You, managed to keep me interested for a whole day, amazing!


Yours was the first one that I didn't find totally boring and a waste of my time. And, I must admit I didn't go into it with much hope. Surprise, surprise!!


Thanks to your seminar I feel a little better informed. Now if I can just get my husband to implement some of your fine suggestions.


Anyway, I just wanted to say 'thanks'. A job well done.


Ruth S.


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